Cab20: Rock Band

Pitch garage rock band
EntrepreneurTom Callahan and Bert Hoover
Asked For$200,000 for a 20%

Company Background

What is Cab20?

Hailing from Los Angeles, Cab20 was a band that performed and recorded garage rock music with blues and stoner-rock influences. The band released two albums and a four-song EP in three years. Cab20 performed their song “Stomp” during their appearance on Shark Tank, and it featured on Nickelodeon’s Degrassi show.

Who Founded Cab20?

Cab20’s manager Tom Callahan, a thought leader and veteran in the music industry, managed several major musical artists’ careers. He worked for and co-foundered several record labels before establishing his own music promotion company. Callahan served as the CCO of the music licensing platform Songtradr and recently founded Indie Advance.

Founder’s Story

Callahan worked closely with Cab20’s lead singer and guitarist Bert Hoover and bassist Jason Silengo-Almanza to bring Cab20 to life. Hoover wrote the lyrics and riffs for Cab20’s songs while Silengo-Almanza handled the band’s online presence. The band later recruited drummer Zack Cosby and guitarist Erik Lake.

According to Callahan, Hoover was a young musical prodigy who grew as a songwriter while working together and developed a clear vision for the band by the time he was 19. Callahan described Cab20 as Hoover’s creation despite him providing the momentum behind the band’s success.

Callahan applied his extensive expertise as a record manager and promoter to develop Cab20 by arranging live performances and recording the albums. He enlisted Grammy winner Krish Sharma as the producer.

Cab20’s participation in Shark Tank was a unique anomaly because it was the first time a band was presented as a business seeking investment from the Sharks.

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