Buzzy: Pain Relief System

Pitchcold pad device to relieve pain from injections, vaccinations, IVF, or diabetes needles
EntrepreneurAmy Baxter
Asked For$500,000 for 5%
Deal No Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Buzzy?

Buzzy is a little vibrating bee with ice pack wings that helps block injection site pain and is especially great for pediatrics. The motion and cold combo is not just a bright idea. Called gate control pain relief, it essentially tricks your body’s nerves, just like rubbing a bumped head or running a burn under cold water. It is proven, backed by science, and further confirmed by independent clinical trials.

Who Owns Buzzy?

Dr. Amy Baxter was a Pediatric Emergency Doctor. She now has given up practicing medicine directly to instead focus all her efforts on being the CEO of Pain Care Labs.

Founder’s Story

In the Emergency Department in 2009 she was trying to find ways to teach herself and other doctors way to help curb painients’ pain, particularly without drugs. She came up with the idea of the Buzzy while looking more into and researching the gate control on the brain and nerves. Dr. Baxter found that patients care more about their own pain than the doctors. Particulalry, children who are scared of needles are more common and the Buzzy was a perfect tool for them but could be used for many other types of patients or situations as well. In order to obtain the small business grants she was looking at she needed to start an official company, so that is just what she did. Clinical trials have been done to verify the effectiveness of the idea. The little bee now comes in several different iterations and sizes as well as the growing line of other offerings by Pain Care Labs such as VibraCool for knees, elbows and plantar fasciitis , and the vibration/hot/cold/accupunture used for the DuoTherm.

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