Business Ghost Shark Tank Update: Ghostwriting Services

Pitch Professional ghost-writing services company
Entrepreneur Michael Levin
Asked For $200,000 for 10%
DealNo Deal
Shark No Shark
StatusAcquired. In Business

Company Background

What is Business Ghost?

Everyone has a story to tell, and BusinessGhost, Inc. helps successful people tell their interesting stories to the world. The ghostwriting company provides a monetization process for its clients, which creates the opportunity for income, visibility and gives them authority over their books as the authors they aspired to be.

Who Owns Business Ghost?

Michael Levin, the founder of BusinessGhost, is a prolific ghostwriter with an impressive portfolio. Levin attended Amherst College, then Colombia Law School, where he studied corporate law. Levin began writing when he realized being a lawyer wasn’t for him. He now focuses his ghostwriting on an elite selection of clients.

Founder’s Story

In pursuing his love for writing, Levin published three novels with Simon & Schuster at 32, proving his talent as a writer. As a young creative in Boston, Levin found it hard to make ends meet, but he’d meet a successful restaurant owner who’d become his mentor.

At the time, he knew that it was now or never to establish himself as a writer, so with the advice of his mentor, Levin began teaching private writing classes at $150 per student. Soon the number of students increased, as did the number of classes.

Levin taught writing at the University of California, Los Angeles, and New York University, where Levin ghostwrote books for some of his students. BusinessGhost was founded soon after in 1994.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Business Ghost Still in Business?

BusinessGhost has since produced over 300 quality ghostwritten books for clients in various fields and boasts fifteen national best-sellers.

In 2018, Michael decided it was time to let go of the company, which he sold to Advantage Family, an authority marketing company.

Today Michael has continued working on a boutique writing firm called the Michael Levin Writing Experience.

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