Budsies: Custom Stuffed Animals

Pitchturns kids drawings into a custom stuffed plush animal dolls
EntrepreneurAlex Furmansky
Asked For$100,000 for 5%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Budsies?

Have you ever desired to bring your child’s drawings to life? If so, you need to know about Budsies. The company has an innovative package that can turn those drawings into stuffed animals. Through the Budsies’s website, children can submit their artwork, and the creative brains at the company would ensure they transform the drawings into stuffed animals.

Who Owns Budsies?

Alex Furmansky is credited for creating Budsies. Before becoming an inventor, he had already established himself as a scholar. Alex had already graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with an engineering degree. He also graduated from Wharton University with a business degree. Probably this background gave him the drive to become an entrepreneur. Apart from creating Budsies, he had also established Sparkology, a dating site for young professionals. Alex is still at the helm of Budsies as its CEO.

Founder’s Story

As with most inventions, Budsies was a lucky break. While staying with his family, Alex noticed the creative side of his little sister, who would draw animals. He also noticed that the sister likes playing with stuffed animals.

Alex was hit with a Eureka moment and decided to bring the sister’s artwork to ‘life’. After making stuffed animals, his family and friends were thrilled at the idea. They urged him on, and that is how Budsies was born.

He created a website where children could upload their art. Then, he hired designers would try to replicate the drawings by sewing the stuffed animals. To ensure that even children with allergies could have a budsie companion, Alex adopted hypo-allergenic fabrics. As a result of his creativity and compassion, Budsies was already making sales before appearing on Shark Tank.

What Happened to Budies After Shark Tank Update

Is Budsies Still in Business?

Budsies is doing well and still in business. The South Florida-based company is in its eight-year of operation, with founder Alex Furmansky stepping down this year, March 2021, and handing the reigns to CEO Scott Meier.

Budsies generates almost all of its revenue through its website, with the core business essentially remaining intact, turning children’s art drawings into plush toys.

You can now also design custom picture pillows, pet replica plush toys, and selfie-style stuffed toys. The company now ships worldwide and recently hit the 100,000 milestone for custom toys made.

It has also partnered with children’s hospitals to donate toys to children with cancer. In addition, they also received an endorsement from Walt Disney to promote the movie Pete’s Dragon.

In terms of competitors, almost virtually identical is the company Make My Plush, which offers the same concept, allowing children to submit their art drawings in return for a customized toy replica. Another competitor enabling you to design your drawing online or order from an original commission is Bespoke Plush.

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