BRUW: Cold Brew Coffee Filter


PitchAt-home cold brew coffee filter
EntrepreneurMax Feber
Asked For$50,000 for 25%
Deal$50,000 for 30%
SharkMark Cuban

Company Background

What is BRUW?

Designed to resolve the common mishaps of at-home cold brew coffee experiments, the BRUW cold brew coffee filtering system makes brewing café quality cold brewed coffee easy.

The ingenuity of the BRUW cold brew coffee filtering system in in its specially designed filter; a cold brew specific coffee filter set within a two sided mason jar lid.

The BRUW filter is secured between two mason jars, the top empty and the bottom full of cold seeped, unfiltered coffee.

By inverting the jars, the coffee is quickly filtered into the empty mason jar, producing clean filtered cold brew concentrate without any mess or fuss.

Who Owns BRUW?

Who can we thank for this stupendous invention? Max Feber is an active and dynamic entrepreneur, who, not yet out of high school, thought up the BRUW system to satisfy a class requirement.

Feber exited the company in May 2020 after receiving an acquisition offer from another Shark Tank company, Snarky Tea.

This was followed by a short stint as Brand Manager for another Shark Tank company, Pavlok, before moving onto his current position.

Today, he now oversees growth for Impacked, a venture-backed, primary packaging marketplace.

Founder’s Story

Challenged in his business class to conceive some useful product, an invention which resolved some existing issue, Max Feber knew precisely the problem, and precisely the solution, he could model his product around.

As a high school student, Feber had experimented with cold brew coffee for the convenience of the concentrate. But using conventional coffee filters always produced a messy sludge because they are only designed to filter hot liquids, and pouring from one vessel to another caused spillage.

Feber designed his BRUW system with a cold brew specific filter in a sealed space to resolve both issues in a single stroke. With the BRUW cold brew coffee filtering system, cold brewing coffee is simplicity itself.

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  1. Bruw Coffee got acquired by another shark tank company, snarky tea, according to their website.


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