Brand Yourself

PitchOnline personal reputation management service helping people take back their online reputation and privacy
EntrepreneurPatrick Ambron
Asked For$2 million for 13.5%

Company Background

What is Brand Yourself?

Founded in 2010, “Brand Yourself” is a brand reputation management service that helps businesses and individuals manage their online personal information and reputation. Through their services and software, brands are able to outrank negative search results.

These services have helped millions of people improve their online privacy and reputation. The company provides some free services (freemium), professional services and paid prescriptions.

Who Owns Brand Yourself?

The founder of Brand Yourself is Patrick Ambron among two other former students Syracuse University: Pete Kistler and Evan McGowan.

They created the company soon after the University. Pete studied information management and technology. Evan on the other hand took majored in entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises.

Pete studied two courses: advertising and psychology. Currently, Patrick is the Chief Executive Officer of the company with Evan as the Chief Operating Officer, and Peter Kistler as Head of Product Strategy and Design.

Founder’s Story

The business was born from Kistler’s situation after college. He was unable to find a job in computer programming in 2008 because he shared his name with a famous drug trafficker.

The situation captured the attention of the mainstream media and the social media. However, the story remained a myth as there was no sufficient evidence of a drug dealer with the same name.

Still no job offers were coming his way. So, in 2010, he got together with his college friends and came up with the company. Shortly after, they were able to raise $300,000 through seed funding.

In 2012, they also raised $1.2 million through venture capital funding, and by 2014, they had completed their series A funding with $3.3 million.

In 2015, Patrick Ambron appeared on Shark Tank seeking $2 million in exchange for a 13% stake in Brand Yourself.

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