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Bouquet Bar Update



designer gift box platform


David Yusuf, Sal Aziz and Alex Amidi


$150,000 for 10%


$150,000 for 20%


Mark Cuban



An inventive gifting firm, Bouquet Bar, is redesigning the gifting art. It’s located in Los Angeles and offers several gift products such as candies, coffee, floral arrangements, etc. These items are packaged and sent to their destination enclosed in designer boxes.

Founded in early 2017 by Alex Amidi, David Yusuf, and Sal Aziz, the first two previously launched a floral design firm, dubbed Square Root Designs. The idea that motivated the creation of the gifting platform originates from their evident high-number of customers yearning for something unique.

Thanks to their floral experience, the duo is changing the gifting experience into a unique and meaningful gesture. The Bouquet Bar allows its patrons to tailor their gift box and its contents according to their desire.

By 2018, this gifting platform had several partnerships with big brands such as Google, Facebook, First Republic Bank, Oracle, and Four Seasons Hotel. They have also launched their private label chocolates, gummies, face lotions, and nuts.

Despite Bouquet Bar’s success, the founders sought more company growth. They appeared on Shark Tank on January 21, 2018, seeking $150,000 for 10% equity in their firm. After a long pitch from Yusuf, Mark Cuban agreed to invest $150,000 for a non-negotiable 20% stake.

Bouquet Bar After Shark Tank

For some time after Shark Tank, Bouquet Bar thrived under endorsements from celebrities like DJ Khaled.

In 2018, the company was expected to make $2 million thanks to their Shark Tank exposure. With highly positive customer reviews, it appeared Bouquet Bar was within reach of its goals.

Unfortunately, Bouquet Bar was unable to close the deal with Mark Cuban. The company, which once has a strong social media following, has no longer been active since May 2019 and the Bouquet Bar website is no longer active.

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