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John Tabis


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Company Background

What is Bouqs?

If you have always wanted to buy flowers but didn’t know how to do it or thought the process it too hectic, then you are in luck. Bouq offers a variety of flowers for a flat rate of $40. Bouq doesn’t charge any shipping fees. To make the offer even enticing, the company cuts the flowers when cut, ensuring they deliver fresh flowers to your loved ones.

Who Owns Bouqs?

John Tabis founded Bouq alongside his partner, Juan Pablo Montufar. Before starting the company, John already had an impressive education and work background, having attained an MBA from UCLA and worked for Disney. On the other hand, Juan Pablo was a flower farmer. John is currently the Chairman of Bouq, and Juan Pablo is the Chief Floral Officer.

Founder’s Story

John Tabis was inspired to start Bouq after realizing how hectic it was to get flowers from online shops. So, he decided to find a solution. His partner Juan Pablo, raised on a flower farm, wanted to provide a product that protected the farmers.

The duo then started Bouq; they source flowers directly from the farmers, bypassing all middlemen. Through this arrangement, Bouq can sell flowers at pocket-friendly prices, while farmers get better pay for their produce.

The company also developed eco-friendly solutions to ensure that the flowers are not wasted. Bouq ensures that flowers are only cut after a customer makes an order. Additionally, clients can get the flowers when they are still fresh, and no money is spent on refrigeration.

As the Bouq model ensured that everyone is a winner, except the middlemen, it is not a miracle that they already had a million-dollar investment before going to Shark Tank.

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