Bounce Boot Camp

Pitchmobile obstacle course for children
EntrepreneurThomas Hill
Asked For$30,000 for 20%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Bounce Boot Camp?

Bounce Boot Camp, an inflatable device strategically divided into stations, was designed to offer children fitness opportunities as well as a chance to have fun. According to their website Bounce Boot Camp ( this device is the first in the world to offer children this combination of fun and exercise.

Who Owns Bounce Boot Camp?

Thomas Hill received his degree from University of Kansas before playing for the Green Bay Packers. He later worked for Forest Laboratories as a speciality sales representative. Before founding Bounce Boot Camp, Hill was a district sales manager for Renaissance RX. He is currently an account executive at BioReference Laboratories.

Founder’s Story

When Thomas Hill, who is also a certified fitness instructor, realized that his own heartrate was elevated after playing in a bounce castle with his daughter, he came up with the idea to combine the fun of the device with the need for exercise for children.

Excited with the idea of fun and fitness going together, he started an inflatables rental business with his wife, which eventually became the Bounce Boot Camp.

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