Bottle Breacher

Pitchline of bottle openers made from 50-caliber recycled bullets
EntrepreneurEli Crane and Jen Crane
Asked For$150,000 for 10%
Deal$150,000 for 20%
SharkMark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Bottle Breacher?

Bottle Breacher offers a creative handcrafted opener made out of 50 caliber bullets. The product is primarily created for grooms, the best men and as a promotional product. Being crafted as a manly gift, it would also be an apt choice for a birthday or anniversary gift for a boyfriend, dad, sibling or friend. On demand, the company can make limited edition Bottle Breachers for specific occasions.

Who Owns Bottle Breacher?

Eli and Jen Crane are the creators of Bottle Breacher. Before delving into entrepreneurship, the couple were in the military. Eli served as a Navy SEAL for about 14 years. Eli is the current President of Bottle Breacher, and his wife Jen is a co-owner.

Founder’s Story

Eli was motivated to create Bottle Breacher for two reasons. One, he was aware that most men loved beer. Two, most men also love guns and bullets. Therefore, using dummy rounds to make bottle openers was an exciting prospect, and how right he was.

Using his military experience, Eli was able to source for the bullets through a third party. The couple was able to set up a profile on Etsy and quickly begun making sales. Before featuring on Shark Tank, the company already had sales worth $500,000.

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