Friday September 24, 2021

Boogie Box Fitness

Pitch dance fitness routines
EntrepreneurDede Barbanti-Parra and Kathy Lamm
Asked For $700,000 for 70%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Boogie Box Fitness?

Boogie Box Fitness is a line of DVDs featuring choreographed dance and martial arts fitness routines set to energetic and uplifting music.

It inspires healthy living through kinetic exercise programs set to an infusion of hip-hop and Latino music. It features the two co-founders, who take you through a series of dance, kickboxing, and resistance training routines.

Who Owns Boogie Box Fitness?

Being co-founded by two Californians is CEO and creator Dede Barbanti-Parra and her business partner Kathy Lamm.

The two moms met each other through a mutual acquaintance.

Dede, a professional choreograph dancer and martial arts enthusiast, was going through a divorce, overweight, and supporting her young children as a single mom at the time.

Upon learning of her idea for DVD workouts, Kathy loved it and felt the world needed to know more and decided to come on board as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Today the business, re-branded BBX Inc, is thriving through online sales and in-person classes from certified trainers; led by two ladies with a passion for health and fitness. Dede also does motivational speaking and has authored several books.

Founder’s Story

Dede came up with the idea for creating a series of DVD exercise routines set to inspiring music while going through a difficult stage in her life. She had lots of prior experience in choreographed dancing on top of being a martial arts and fitness enthusiast. Upon meeting Kathy, they decided to go into business together. Partly to show everyone that if two single moms can do it, anyone can. They chose DVDs as their medium of distribution, feeling they had the highest return on investment capabilities.

And so they set about lining up several interested producers who’d done similar projects in the fitness industry. To keep the business going and to build up capital before filming for their DVD line could begin, they did workshop classes for students and certified trainers. Although they got no deal on Shark Tank, the product still created a buzz and was featured on TV shows like Dr.Oz and Fit Celeb that helped further interest in their brand from investors.

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