Boobie Bar: Lactation Snack Bar

Pitchherbal lactation snack bar
EntrepreneurWendy Colson
Asked For$150,000 for 10%
Deal$150,000 for 20%
SharkDaymond John

Company Background

What is Boobie Bar?

Are you looking for an effective way of inducing milk? If so, then the $17 Boobie bar is your fix. Boobie bar contains superfoods like whole-grain oat, Moringa leaf, Turmeric, and other herbs that guarantee milk production for lactating mothers.

Who Owns Boobie Bar?

Boobie bar is a product under the Boobie Brands Company that was founded by Wendy Colson. Before her entrepreneurial journey, Wendy was a registered neonatal nurse and a lactating specialist. Through her background, she discovered that lactating mothers had challenges with producing milk for their children. The quest to solve this problem saw Wendy use her patients as her first clients.

Founder’s Story

Wendy started experimenting with super foods in her kitchen in 2011. She was inspired to help lactating mothers produce more milk without following a strict drug regimen or drinking countless glasses of tea. Her first customers were her patients and mothers in a breastfeeding support group who would give her feedback on the bars. To show how potent the product was, she kept getting reorders and referrals. The group also encouraged her to go commercial, an idea she hesitated to implement.

Boobie bar properly came into existence in 2014 after Wendy injected $50000, inheritance money from her parents. Once Wendy started the production, she quickly got orders from several women, and her products found their way to Walmart and other stores.

Motivated by the reception of the product, she appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment worth $150000. Daymond took a chance on the product, and the investment has spurred the company to greater heights. Before appearing on Shark Tank, Boobie bar had made sales of $770,000.

What Happened to Boobie Bar After Shark Tank Update

Is Boobie Bar Still in Business?

The Boobie Bar is still available for purchase at the website Boobie Superfoods, where pregnant ladies and new moms can also buy a wide range of additional products. These range from growth supplements to lactation aids and on-the-go feeding solutions. As well as being available at Amazon, you can also buy their products at almost 2,000+ stores in the US.

From pharmacies to big retail brands like Target and Walmart. Likewise, you can find it at birth hospitals, lactation centers, and DME’s (health insurance companies that supply breast pumps). Registered Nurse and founder Wendy Colson is still the company CEO.

In competition would be the similarly named Booby Boons, who also sell lactation bars and cookies. Likewise, Nourisher also sells a range of nursing bars and snacks. It does appear to be a rather saturated market with many competitors.

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