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Can biem redeem their slippery reputation?



liquid butter sprayer




$500,000 for 5%


$500,000 for 14%



The biem butter sprayer is the innovative device that in just a matter of seconds, transforms a stick of butter into a spray for all your buttery needs.

The product spent two years in development under inventor and CEO Doug Foreman, before being launched on Kickstarter. Biem raised over $200k – more than its goal of $42,000 back in April 2016.

With his Kickstarter success, Foreman went into the Shark Tank looking for a deal (or more likely looking for a little publicity) and left the tank with a deal from Lori. It appears the deal with Lori never got off the ground. Almost a year after reaching their Kickstarter goal and more than half a year after the episode aired, biem finally began shipping to its Kickstarter backers.

A quick look through biem’s Kickstarter page shows many angry and dissatisfied backers. Some have received defective units that fail shortly after a few uses. And many have received nothing at all!

Social media pages for the butter sprayer haven’t been updated since July 2017 but it looks like biem is still active and being sold on its website. And there are no signs of activity on Doug Foreman’s personal social media accounts. The lack of communication has left many backers feeling angry, frustrated, disappointed and betrayed.

But in a strange turn of events, backers have been posting news of the company preparing to ship replacements, and there has even been talk of a biem 2.0.

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Lee Wos
Lee Wos

Just got my BIEM BUTTER SPRAYER “BY BREVDA “ unit along with 2 batteries yesterday. Looks like the model 2.0 I’ve seen on Google, but not sure. Made in China per box. UPC code 8 62468 00041 7


Super disappointed with Biem and even more disappointed with Laurie Greiner. After making many unsuccessful attempts to get Biem “customer service” to answer questions regarding delivery of the unit I ordered, I eventually gave up and reached out to Laurie Greinier. Silly me, I was thinking she would have a vested interest or possibly care about the customers of the companies she invests in, to ensure her reputation would not be smudged. Wrong…. Neither she, or any of her staff responded to two emails I sent her way. Apparently it’s only a money thing for Laurie Greinier and she could… Read more »