Biem Butter Sprayer Update


Can biem redeem its slippery reputation?



liquid butter sprayer




$500,000 for 5%


$500,000 for 14%





What is the Biem Butter Sprayer?

The biem butter sprayer is the innovative device that in just a matter of seconds, transforms a stick of butter into a spray for all your buttery needs.

Biem Butter Sprayer History

The product spent two years in development under inventor and CEO Doug Foreman, before being launched on Kickstarter. Biem raised over $200k – more than its goal of $42,000 back in April 2016.

With his Kickstarter success, Foreman went into the Shark Tank looking for a deal (or more likely looking for a little publicity) and left the tank with a deal from Lori. It appears the deal with Lori never got off the ground. Almost a year after reaching their Kickstarter goal and more than half a year after the episode aired, biem finally began shipping to its Kickstarter backers.

Biem Butter Sprayer Reviews

A quick look through Biem’s Kickstarter page shows many angry and dissatisfied backers. Some have received defective units that fail shortly after a few uses. And many have received nothing at all!

Biem Butter Sprayer After Shark Tank – Where Are They Now?

Social media pages for the butter sprayer haven’t been updated since July 2017 and there are no signs of activity on Doug Foreman’s personal social media accounts. The Biem website is still up and running but products have been listed as “sold out” for several months now. The lack of communication has left many backers feeling angry, frustrated, disappointed and betrayed.

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Johanne Enevoldsen

You never knew you needed a butter sprayer until now. Doug Foreman, the creator of the biem Butter Sprayer, appeared on season eight of and wowed the investors. The product does exactly what it says — melts the butter so it can be sprayed on your favorite popcorn, bread, or a pan for cooking. Not only does the sprayer take away the effort needed to evenly spread butter on toast, but it also uses less butter for an even spread, saving you money and also making you healthier. We need this in our kitchens ASAP.

Shady Kay

Yes, you may need a butter sprayer. But it won’t be a Biem, I bet. I’m still waiting for my replacement – it’s been over a year. I loved the Biem when it worked – though it was big and heavy, it was still a wonderful idea. But it doesn’t appear that Biem is responding to emails, phone calls, or inquiries from the Better Business Bureau. Caveat emptor. Or better yet, just stay away.

S. Hamilton

Count me in as another victim of what looks like a scam. I called a phone number associated with Doug Foreman and the male who answered hung up on me! There ought to be recourse for those of us out of our money. The Texas Attorney General’s office should lead the way on resolution and so should Shark Tank who may have contributed to this product hype.

Eddie Whitehead

I was very happy to receive a Biem Butter Sprayer for Christmas in 2018. My so owned one and couldn’t wait to gift one to me. Right out of the box I wasn’t able to draw one drop of butter. I called the company and was told to keep the unit and they would send me an updated version. From that time through today I have not able to get a response from the company by email or phone. After many attempts, I discarded the old unit and have no interest in receiving new one or using. Companies like this… Read more »

Barry Green

I am on my 3rd Replacement. I ordered it the first time it premiered on Shark Tank, took for ever to get it.
It failed, they replaced it with V-2, It did not work, they replaced it with another and it failed.
August of 2019 I was promised a ” NEW” version…. They have not replied and I still have no butter sprayer. Keep your money.

Dianna Cicoria

Just like Ken below, I too purchased and received two bad Biem Sprayers. They promised to send me the new version that was coming out within a few months. I tried several times to contact the Biem “customer service” to answer my questions regarding delivery of the replacement unit that they promised to ship, but never received. This is a very expensive item and now they are trying to sell them for $500 on Amazon! What about the customers that purchased and received units that never worked and have never received a refund for or even a response?


Super disappointed with Biem and even more disappointed with Laurie Greiner. After making many unsuccessful attempts to get Biem “customer service” to answer questions regarding delivery of the unit I ordered, I eventually gave up and reached out to Laurie Greinier. Silly me, I was thinking she would have a vested interest or possibly care about the customers of the companies she invests in, to ensure her reputation would not be smudged. Wrong…. Neither she, or any of her staff responded to two emails I sent her way. Apparently it’s only a money thing for Laurie Greinier and she could… Read more »


Laurie didn’t end up partnering with them. Biem didn’t meet their requirements after the show, so Laurie passed on the deal. I ordered the Biem sprayer on 1/9/2020 and still don’t have it. I can’t even find an email address for them on the contact information on the website. Does anybody have a phone number or email address for them?


well if they’re coming from china it’s probably delayed due to corona

Shady Kay

Nope. I’ve been waiting over a year.


Not sure if this email address is still working but here’s the one that I was able to find:

Patrice Eveld

Here you go but good luck on getting them to respond! They are ignoring my emails!

Lee Wos

Just got my BIEM BUTTER SPRAYER “BY BREVDA “ unit along with 2 batteries yesterday. Looks like the model 2.0 I’ve seen on Google, but not sure. Made in China per box. UPC code 8 62468 00041 7