Better Bedder: Sheet Fastener

Pitchgiant headband for your mattress that keeps bed sheets in place
EntrepreneurJudy Cannella Schott and Nita Friloux Gassen
Asked For$150,000 for 10%
Deal$150,000 for 18%
SharkLori Greiner
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Better Bedder?

Do you often find that you have kicked off your bedsheet in the middle of the night? If that is a problem, you need to get a Better Bedder. This unique innovation firmly affixes the bedsheet on the mattress.

It also can be creatively used to hold your phone or book. Better Bedder also rapidly reduces the time spent on spreading the bed.

Who are the Founders of Better Bedder?

Better Bedder is an innovation of Judy Schott and Nita Gassen. The two friends were colleagues in an insurance company for fifteen years before founding Better Bedder. Judy is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Gilspar, while her friend Nita quit the company to concentrate her efforts on Better Bedder.

Founder’s Story

Better Bedder wouldn’t have been created if not for Judy’s son. She found it rather odd that her college son chose to sleep on the couch rather than on his bed. When she inquired, the son told her that his bedsheet kept coming off.

In an attempt to find a solution, she called her friend Nita. Judy suggested creating a product that would wrap around the bed and keep the bedsheet firmly tucked. With Nita’s advice, they were able to develop this new innovation that is awaiting patent approval. Through Better Bedder, one doesn’t need to keep lifting the mattress when changing the bedsheet or when spreading the bed.

To show how great Better Bedder was, despite the two inventors still fully working for Gilspar and the world experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic, their company was making incredible sales. It was even more surprising that the duo didn’t have a dedicated marketing team to advertise Better Bedder, but was already making these huge sales.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Did Better Bedder Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 15, Judy Cannella Schott and Nita Friloux Gassen entered the Tank seeking $150,000 for 10% for their bedsheet fastener band.

After several offers from the Sharks, they accepted an offer of $150,000 for 18% from Lori Greiner.

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