Best Shark Tank Eco-friendly Products

  • 1. Grouphug

    Grouphug’s Window Solar Charger is leading the way into a solar-powered future, one solar-powered device at a time. The stylishly designed charging panel’s were featured on Season 11 Episode 16 of Shark Tank where founder, Krystal Persaud struck a deal with Mark Cuban for 25% of the company.

  • 2. Bite Toothpaste

    Bite is reinventing toothpaste with its all-natural plastic-free toothpaste tablets. Despite leaving the the Shark Tank without a deal, the company is gearing up to take a big bite out of single use plastics.

  • 3. Blueland

    Blueland aims to reduce single-use plastic through its eco-friendly cleaning tablets and reusable bottles. The company was featured in Season 11 Episode 2 of Shark Tank where it earned the backing of Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban.

  • 4. First Saturday Lime

    First Saturday Lime is an all-natural, eco-friendly, insect repellent and healthy alternative to pesticides. The patent-pending formula is made from a derivative of limestone and is safe for use around children and animals.

  • 5. Pittmoss

    PittMoss is reducing green house gases with its cellulose-based alternative to peat moss – a growing medium used by gardeners worldwide. Every year, tens of thousands of acres of peat moss are harvested from the peatlands which hold 1/3 of the world’s carbon.

  • 6. Grease Bags

    Grease Bags are eco-friendly grease disposal bags that break down grease into earth friendly compounds. Grease Bags founder, Latangela Newsome appeared on Shark Tank in season 8 episode 13, earning a deal with Barbara Corcoran in the process. The deal fell through but Grease Bags have steadily grown in popularity amongst eco-conscious fried-food lovers everywhere.

  • 7. Pristine Sprays

    Pristine is aving the world’s sewage systems and oceans from fatbergs with its cleansing sprays – a wet wipe alternative that turns regular toilet paper into a cleansing wet wipe. Pristine’s deal with Lori Greiner failed to close but the company is still pushing on strong.

  • 8. Green Garmento

    The Green Garmento is a 4-in-1 reusable garment bag created by Jennifer Nigrosh in response to the 300 million pounds of single-use dry cleaning bags that clog landfills and waterways each year. Today, the Green Garmento is sold in 17 countries and in hundreds of outlets across the U.S.

  • 9. Nohbo

    After several years in development, Nohbo has returned with its Nohbo drops – an eco-friendly shampoo ball designed to reduce the global use of plastic shampoo bottles. With the help of Shark Tank investor, Mark Cuban, Nohbo signed a 76 million unit purchase commitment for Nohbo drops to be distributed throughout Europe.

  • 10. Loliware

    Loliware is the bioplastics company on a mission to drastically reduce global plastic use. The Mark Cuban-backed bioplastics company was first introduced in Season 7 Episode 27 and featured Loliware’s Edible Cup. The cup has since been discontinued but the company has turned its attention onto the Lolistraw – a kep-based, biodegradable straw poised to disrupt the $1.2 billion plastic straw industry.

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