Best Shark Tank Acquisitions

  • 1. Fixed

    Fixed was the mobile parking app that helped drivers fight their parking tickets. The company was forced to close after push back from local governments that rely on parking ticket fees. In 2016, Fixed was acquired by Lawgix (now Oliver Technology) – a company that uses technology to deliver legal services.

  • 2. Bruw

    Bruw is the maker of the cold brew coffee filter – a mason jar system that lets you easily make the perfect cup of cold brew coffee, or tea! In June 2020, Bruw was acquired by another Shark Tank company, Snarky Teas – a first in Shark Tank history!

  • 3. Notehall

    Notehall was an online marketplace for selling and buying class study notes. Notehall reached 750,000 users across 54 universities before being acquired by online tutoring company, Chegg, for $3.7 million in equity and cash.

  • 4. Talbott Teas

    Talbott Teas was an award winning, gourmet tea company. Talbott Teas’ special tea blends have been served throughout the Hollywood community even chosen as one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things”. In 2012, Talbott Teas was acquired by Jamba Juice (now Jamba) for an undisclosed amount.

  • 5. Robin Auto Pilot

    Robin Autopilot is a lawncare tech company producing robotic lawnmowers for energy and cost efficient lawnscaping. In 2019, Robin Autopilot was acquired by lawncare tech holding company, Fahey Group, for an undisclosed amount.

  • 6. Ten Thirty One Productions

    Ten Thirty One Productions was an entertainment and productions company specializing in halloween attractions including their haunted hayride. In 2018, Ten Thirty One Productions was acquired by Thirteenth Floor Entertainment group for an undisclosed amount. The company remains one of Mark Cuban’s best Shark Tank deals.

  • 7. Cycloramic (Car360)

    Cycloramic was an app that allowed iPhones to rotate handsfree, a full 360 degres to take panoramic pictures or video. After a decline in revenue and multiple failed pivots, Cycloramic transitioned into Car360 – an app that created 360 degree images of autombiles. In 2018, Car360 was acquired by online used car retailer, Carvana, for $22 million.

  • 8. Groovebook

    Groovebook, is a photo-printing app and subscription service that allows user to create and ship monthly photo books of up to 100 personal photos. In 2014, Groovebook was acquired by photo-publishing company, Shuttefly, for $14.5 million. The app no has over 100 million downloads and has printed over 220 million photos.

  • 9. Scan was a mobile app that allowed users to create or scan QR codes. In 2012, Scan was acquired by the multimedia messaging app, Snapchat, for $54 million in cash and Snapchat stocks. At the time of its acquisition, Scan had reached over $25 million downloads and averaged 27 million scans per month.

  • 10. Plated

    Plated was a meal kit subscription service delivering fresh ingredients and chef-designed recipes to customers’ homes. The company was founded in 2012 and by 2015, had jumped to over $100 million in revenue. The original deal with Mark fell through but Kevin O’Leary jumped in shortly after. In 2017, Plated was acquired by grocery supermarket giant, Albertsons for $200 million plus additional benefits.

  • 11. Doorbot (Ring)

    Doorbot (now Ring), is a home security company and maker of the Ring Video Doorbell, an app that lets homeowners see and hear visitors from a smartphone. In 2018, the company was acquired by online marketplace behemoth, Amazon, for an estimated $1.2-1.8 billion – a record valuation for any company featured on Shark Tank.

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