Top 10 Best Pet Businesses on Shark Tank

10Pooch Selfie

The dog selfie accessory from Season 10, was an instant winner among dog lovers. After their Kickstarter success, the Pooch Selfie sold over $300,000, all while fighting off dozens of copycats. The company has continued its success with sales reaching over $1M since their appearance on the show.

9Shed Defender

The Shed Defender is the breathable spandex/polyester dog suit that keeps dogs from shedding and anxiety-free. After their appearance in Season 10 and with Lori Greiner on board, their revenues jumped to $70,000 per month and they now have over $1.7M in sales. But the Shed Defender is in a competitive space and with competitors and copycats all around, they may have trouble continuing their success.


Another Kickstarter favorite, the Aquapaw is a wearable 2-in-1 water sprayer and bath scrubber. The company may have left the Tank without a deal but they’ve continued to grow successfully making bath times less stressful for thousands of dog owners.

7Base Paws

Basepaws is the genetic testing company on a mission to help cat owners learn more about their cat’s breed, traits, and health. The company was successful in winning a deal in Season 10 at $250,000 for 10%, placing the company’s valuation at $2.5M.

6Pet Plate

Pet Plate is the pet food subscription delivery service serving human-quality foods. The company left Season 8 without a deal after Sharks doubted the businesses’ ability to scale up. With help from outside investors, Pet Plate secured $4M in funding and the company is now serving their human-worthy pet meals nationwide.

5Himalayan Dog Chew

Himalayan Dog Chew is the all natural dog chew made of yak and cow milk, salt and lime juice. The company appeared in Season 6 of Shark Tank with over $5.6M in sales and turned down multiple offers from the sharks before leaving. The company experienced significant growth following their appearance. At one point the company was doing $6M in annual revenue but changes to their formula has cost them customers.

4Fresh Patch

Fresh Patch had already sold $1M of their subscription-based hydroponic, pet-potty, grass kits before their appearance in Season 6. They received an offer from Barbara and Mark – $150k for 20%. The deal didn’t close but they’ve since sold over $11M in grass kits with an estimated annual revenue of $2M.


Gallant is the animal biotech company betting on your dog’s future with its pet stem cell therapy. Gallant left Season 11 of Shark Tank with a $500,000 for 5% offer ($10M valuation) from Lori Greiner and 23andMe founder, Anne Wojcicki. With backing from a series of venture capital firms, Gallant now has a total of $11M in funding.

2Wild Earth

Wild Earth is the bio-tech company developing clean, lab-grown protein for dogs. Their koji-based dog foods have been steadily growing in popularity among vegan dogs everywhere. The company secured a deal with Mark Cuban in Season 10 and have raised a total of $12.2M in venture capital.


Wondercide is the line of natural pet pest control products from Season 7. After securing a deal of $500,000 for 3% with Lori Greiner, Wondercide expanded into over 600 retail locations and today remains one of the top selling brands in its category.

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