Bertello Pizza Oven Update



portable wood fire and gas outdoor pizza oven


Andy Bert and Eric Bert


$120,000 for 10%


$120,000 for 25%



What is Bertello Pizza Oven?

The Bertello’s Napoli Pizza Oven is a mini portable outdoor wood fire and gas oven for cooking Neapolitan style pizzas.

Traditional wood-fire pizza ovens are often massive, stationary brick ovens that take a long time to heat up.

With Bertello, you can have your own personal pizza in just under 2 minutes.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. You can cook almost anything including steak, fish and vegetables in this 930 degrees F oven.

Bertello Pizza Oven History

The pizza obsessed brothers came up with the idea back in 2017 after setting out to build the best multi-fueled pizza oven on the market.

Bertello’s pizza oven can use wood chips, charcoal, or propane gas which allows for a variety of foods to be cooked at a multitude of temperatures.

With Eric’s extensive background in engineering, they built their first oven – the Napoli Pizza Oven and launched their Kickstarter campaign in November 2017.

The campaign was a success and raised over $200,000 from 755 backers!

In 2019, the brothers pitched their perfect pizza oven on Shark Tank and left with a deal from Chef Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary.

Bertello Pizza Oven Reviews

Amazon reviews remain positive for the new pizza oven on the block. It faces tough competition in the crowded pizza oven market from the best-selling Ooni and the bargain favorite Camp Chef.

Customers appreciate its portability and flavor but feel it could be less expensive and a few customers mention problems with uneven heating.

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