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hybrid technology padlock that opens by key or fingerprint.


Robbie Cabral


$200,000 for 10%


$200,000 for 15%



The Benjilock is the World’s First Traditional Rechargeable Padlock featuring fingerprint technology and traditional keys.

The incredible padlock is capable of holding up to four distinct fingerprints
that are saved in an encrypted chip. If an unauthorized individual tries to unlock it, all of this information is deleted.

Since its inception, the fingerprint padlock lock has won numerous awards for its innovative patented technology.


After the show aired, the rights to Benjilock were sold to Hampton Products International, a manufacturer of security hardware including door locks and padlocks.

And in a highly emotional, televised appearance, Hampton CEO Kim Kelley presented Cabral with his first royalty check for $100,000.

Leading up to its release, there has been much hype surrounding the lock. Social media pages remain highly active with strong community support for Robbie Cabral and Benjilock.

Overall, many seem more impressed with the story than the actual lock itself while some are left wondering when they’ll finally get to use their Benjilocks.

The company initially hoped to have the lock available just in time for the back to school season this 2018, but it looks like they’ve run into development issues that will extend the release date into the holiday season. As of now, Benjilock is currently unavailable as it is still in development but can be pre-ordered on the website.


Although there is nothing currently on the market that is quite like the Benjilock, there is the Tapplock which was the most popular fingerprint padlock on the market until recent videos of it being hacked showed up. The $100 dollar lock can still be purchased through the company website but is no longer available on Amazon where it has been replaced by these alternatives:

1. WGCC Metal Waterproof Fingerprint Padlock with Bluetooth

Metal Waterproof Fingerprint Padlock with Bluetooth

2. Uervoton Waterproof Fingerprint Padlock with 2nd Generation Bluetooth

Waterproof Bluetooth Metal Fingerprint Padlock

Visit the Benjilock website

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