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Bellybuds: Pregnant Belly Headphones Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?



headphones for pregnant bellies


Curtis Williams and Matt Von Waaden


$500,000 for 13%





Company Background

What is Bellybuds?

Bellybud is a “prenatal sound system” that was invented for pregnant women to enable them to play music for the foetus. The invention of the buds is to allow the expectant mother to move around while playing music to the unborn baby.

Who Founded Bellybuds?

The Bellybud idea was thought of by William Curtis who later approached his friend Matt Von Wadden, who is a product designer, to help in designing the buds. At the moment they are trying to salvage their business after they received a downfall in sales.

Founder’s Story

The Bellybud invention was done by William when he realized that his pregnant wife wanted to play music to their unborn baby but, she couldn’t do this alongside other duties. He then approached his friend, who helped in the design and they became partners. They went ahead and did research and realized that music to a fetus over twenty weeks is essential in the baby’s voice and sound recognition.

Their invention received great recognition as it appeared in a couple of famous shows, Keeping up with the Kardashians and modern family. They later received a down surge in their sales for some time since they had sold their products to companies that dismissed them. Regardless of their downfall, they managed to keep their business afloat as they stopped supplying to these retailers. Shortly after, they decided it was time to take their product to Shark Tank.

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