The Beer Blizzard Shark Tank Update

Pitchbeer cooling discs
EntrepreneurMike Robb and Tom Osborne
Asked For$100,000 for 20%
Deal $100,000 for 25%
SharkMark Cuban
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

What is Beer Blizzard?

What all beer lovers can agree on, everyone hates warm beer, which tastes better cold. The Beer Blizzard does precisely that, whether it’s in a can or bottle.

So put your beer in a koozie, pop on your reusable ice-cold plastic disc from the freezer, which fits snuggly into the concave bottom of your can or bottle thanks to the koozie, and take your time enjoying your favourite tipple of golden nectar cold for just over 20 minutes.

The plastic disks contain a non-toxic, quick freezing thermal fluid that works just as well for soda cans too!

Who are the Beer Blizzard Founders?

Childhood friends and co-founders Tom Ozbourne and Mike Robb, are the inventors of the Beer Blizzard. Tom comes from a lengthy background in the food industry, working primarily as an executive on the quality assurance side. Mike is a lawyer who practices in Pittsburgh.

Founder’s Story

The idea for the business came about during an annual reunion and get-together at Tom’s hunting and fishing cabin in West Virginia over the 2013 memorial weekend, an event they humorously dubbed the Redneck Reunion. One hot afternoon target-shooting, Mike played around putting ice into the bottom of a koozie to keep his beer can contents cool.

Naturally, the ice melted pretty quickly. So he wondered if you couldn’t insert reusable ice cubes or frozen gel inserts (like you get for cooler bags) underneath the can as a substitute. He reasoned that all the cans had a universal bottom so that a one-size-fits-all approach could work.

Tom laughed the idea off as stupid initially, but the topic came up again a few months later at a restaurant. Using a napkin, they sketched a prototype and got a plastic company to produce it.

After months of trial and error, they were finally satisfied with the resulting prototype – a disc shaped, hydra-gel cube that froze more quickly than water and stayed frozen for much longer. It was designed to fit perfectly under the bottom of any aluminum can, turning a warm beer cold in just a matter of minutes.

Their innovation won them first prize at the Invention and New Product Exposition in the summer of 2014. And not only did they reach their target fundraising goal within 45 days, but they also received over 2000 orders from across the USA, and globally which accumulated to over $43,500 in upcoming sales.

With patents sorted, production underway, and a new contract in place for warehousing, assembly, and distribution, they hit the market. However, to scale the business, reach production expectations, and reach a more significant market, they felt they needed to get a big-name investor onboard. Especially seeing they’d just landed a contract with global giant Amazon.

With their newfound success, they decided it was time to take their innovation to the Sharks with the hope of getting Beer Blizzard’s under beer cans everywhere.

What Happened to Beer Blizzard After Shark Tank Update

Is the Beer Blizzard Still in Business?

Beer Blizzard sales skyrocketed after the company’s appearance on Shark Tank. Their disc-shaped ice cubes made it onto the shelves of Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and online with Amazon.

At one point, the company was in talks with NASCAR superstar, Dale Earnhardt Jr. over a licensing deal that would allow Beer Blizzard to use the race car driver’s name on their disc ice cubes. The deal went flat, and soon after Beer Blizzard went out of business.

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