Beddley Duvet Cover

Pitch 3-sided easy open and close duvet cover
EntrepreneurLola Ogden
Asked For$150,000 for 10%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

What is Beddley?

Beddley Duvet is a company that created a unique cover easily fitted to a duvet using ties and zippers. They have two models, both of which offer a simple solution to the complexity of fitting a duvet cover, and each come in a variety of colors made from 100% Egyptian cotton.

Who Owns Beddley?

Inventor Lola Ogden studied at Arizona State University and has an MBA from Columbia Business School. Although she was trained in STEM (chemistry and physics) her career focus has been in finance and technology with most of her background being in the finance industry.

This is not Ogden’s first entrepreneurial venture; she also created a company called GapEnder – a women’s garment solution for ensuring the best fit to dress shirts.

Founder’s Story

Frustrated for years by the arduous task of fitting a duvet cover to her duvet, Ogden was determined to find a solution to the traditional button closure for duvet covers that made them cumbersome and awkward to fit.

After graduating with a Master of Business Administration from Columbia, she concentrated her efforts into solving this problem, confident that the market needed a better solution for protecting duvets than the traditional duvet cover.

In developing this idea Ogden hopes to serve as a role model for first generation women who have set their sights on entrepreneurship.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Beddley Still in Business?

Ogden was not successful in a acquiring an investment from the Sharks. Beddley was operating on a direct to customer sales platform, their duvet covers selling from their website As of writing, the company does not have any available business statistics and their website redirects to an unrelated URL.

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  1. As the main “bed maker” in my home, I HATE changing duvet covers. I fight with them every time!! So I have to say I LOVED the 3-side opening duvets. I couldn’t believe there was no deal made.
    Edna May


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