Beard King: Beard Trim Bib

Pitchapron for catching beard trimmings
EntrepreneurNicholas Galekovic
Asked For$100,000 for 20%
Deal$100,000 for 40%
SharkLori Greiner
StatusAcquired, In Business

Company Background

What is Beard King?

Beard King sells a selection of grooming and care kits, helping turn the average guy into a suave and dapper gentleman. The best part being you can do it yourself to barber-shop standards.

Their feature product is the beard bib grooming cape. It turns the wearer into something resembling a platypus and catches all the beard trimmings, which you can then eject in the trash—saving you the reprimand of a disapproving spouse or girlfriend about hair in the sink.

Who Owns Beard King?

Husband and wife duo Nicholas and Alessia Galekovic co-founded Beard King in 2014. Describing himself as a 15-year entrepreneur and business consultant on his LinkedIn profile, Nicholas sold Beard King as of 2019.

He has since founded a company that offers hygiene products for use while flying commercially. Alessia judging by her Instagram account, is a model and has pursued this.

Founder’s Story

Beard King can owe its beginnings to the age-old question, “Whose hair is this in the sink, and who’s going to clean it up?” Which is what Nicholas had been hearing from girlfriends ever since he could grow a beard.

With that in mind, being newly married now, Nicholas decided to follow another adage, that of, “Happy wife, easy life!” Using the barber’s bib concept, Nicholas adapted his design for home use to include suction cups you attach to the mirror.

With a patent-pending, they kept sales online. Impressively, the pair managed to generate $140,000 over the space of eight months; however, they wanted to scale manufacturing, as they’d had approaches from wholesalers but were battling to keep up with production demands. Now it was time to get an investor to join them.

What Happened to Beard King After Shark Tank Update

Is Beard King Still in Business?

Beard King remains in business, with its headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Since its humble beginnings, it is now a million-dollar company with seven employees.

As is the case with all good ideas, the Beard King has fallen prey to many copycats, mostly foreign knockoffs that are similar in design but inferior in quality.

However, these are easily distinguishable from the real Beard King, by their poorly Photoshopped product images and random strings of characters for brand names.

To remain competitive, the Beard King has pivoted to grooming accessories, care products, and even branded t-shirts. In 2019, another investor and entrepreneur, Raj Patel, acquired the Beard King. Beard King products are still available on the company’s website and on Amazon.

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