Beard Head

PitchKnitted beard hats
EntrepreneurDavid Stankunas
Asked For$250,000 for 25%

Company Background

What is Beard Head?

Beard Head is a company that creates fun beard hats. What is a beard hat, you ask? Just think of a knit beanie but with a knit beard seamlessly attached. Beard hats are many things, fun, whimsical, silly, stylish, cool, but also functional and warm.

Who Owns Beard Head?

David Stankunas is not just a wacky inventor or naive entrepreneur. The brain behind Beard Head has an Economics Degree from the University of California Santa Barbara and another Business Economics Degree from the University of California Los Angeles. David was working his day job as a communications consultant and working on his first venture, PokerBling, when the idea behind Beard Head was born.

Founder’s Story

In 2006 David Stankunas was gaining more first hand experience in product design and apparel industry economics with his brand of Poker jewelry and accessories, so much so that he decided to quit his steady job and focus on his own business venture as well as his other venture of a food truck.

Lots and lots of hard work and determination was not quite paying off just yet, although his experience and skills in marketing and running his businesses were growing. On a skiing and snowboarding trip to Lake Tahoe the idea for Beard Head came to David as he was hopelessly trying to use a bandana to cover his face and shield himself from the cold and snow and water.

More fun and stylish than a traditional ski mask, and more comfortable too. While admittedly a niche market, you still have to execute your business plans well in order to succeed, and David has done that. He can lay claim to the first ever of it’s kind face covering head covering and now can say he owns and runs the largest company of that particular product in the world.

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