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Laura Dweck and Michael Dweck


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When was the last time your husband or boyfriend replaced their underwear or socks? While undergarments are basic clothing essentials, most people may not understand what is “basic” about them. If this describes you, then products from Basic Outfitters will make you understand why “basics is for the guy who needs to get in and get out.”

Basic Outfitter’s Founders

The unique story about Basic Outfitters started when a New York couple (Laura and Michael Dweck) moved into a new apartment in 2014. Each time Laura would see a collection of tattered socks and underwear, she would bite her tongue in anger. But because having a spouse means you stand with them for better or worse, she turned her experience into a business opportunity. From her shopping experience, she realized how difficult it is for men to spruce up their wardrobes.

The couple began their journey by sourcing for startups, but they realized they could not afford all his basics at one go due to their high pricing. Then an idea struck; why not approach Shark Tank to see what the investors thought of it? Though they walked away without a deal from any of the sharks, their courage to “throw the hat in the ring” accompanied by prioritized networking and persistence finally paid off.

Managing their challenges

As a busy founder, the Dweck couple credits its success to efficient time management. Each day, they ensure that they have answered all emails sent to them. Through the use of Asana as an efficient management tool, they can fulfill their company’s accountability, time management, and communication goals.

How to create-a-drawer at Basics Outfitters

If you are interested in customizing your drawer, you need to select a collection of items. For $60, you get high-quality socks, underwear, tees and joggers in less than two minutes. It will be delivered straight to your door and ready for you to “get in or get out.”

Basic Outfitters Today

Basic Outfitters is not just about producing high-quality socks, joggers, underwear, and undershirts. It focuses on men’s shopping process. It is for this reason that their seamless shopping experience of the Create-a-Drawer was born. Not walking away with a deal from Shark Tank became a blessing in disguise. Being able to cold pitch to more than 6 million people on national TV along with rare reviews from the sharks about their products was an eye-opener for them. That alone translates to monthly sales growth of 1,000% per month.

Going by Dweck’s create-a-drawer initiative, it is estimated that more men will come out and face their shopping fears thanks to the value and convenience it produces. At the moment, they have already launched their first brick-and-mortar Basic Outfitters store is located in Macy’s Herald Square. They have also formed a partnership with reputable outfit companies such as JetBlue to provide their famed SuperSoft socks in their Mint amenity kits. As you can see, the company is focusing on not only producing high-quality undergarments but it also focuses on popularizing their brand through other companies.

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