Pitchavocado inspired bar restaurant
EntrepreneurAlessandro Biggi
Asked For$300,000 for 10%
Deal$400,000 for 20%
SharkMark Cuban
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Avocaderia?

Avocaderia is a Brooklyn, New York restaurant specializing in all things: Yip, you guessed it, Avocado. Specifically the Mexican Hass Avocado. Their dishes range from the student favorite, avo on toast, to Rancheros, tacos, and other breakfast and lunch menu items, as well as smoothies. Setting their prices high attracts a more trendy, chic type of clientele.

Who Owns Avocaderia?

The founders of Avocaderia are three Italian-Americans, Francesco Brachetti, Alessandro Biggi, and Alberto Gramini. Francesco and Alberto are cousins, and they opened Avocaderia in 2018.

Francesco comes from an e-commerce background. Alessandro worked in investment banking. And Alberto is a chef who ran a catering and events business. All three men remain with the company today.

Founder’s Story

Francesco and Alessandro first met in 2006 at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Both were studying finance at the time.

Francesco went to work in Mexico and soon fell in love with avocados using them in multiple dishes. And while working in Seattle, Alessandro noticed the tendency of white-collar Americans to prefer healthy meals during their lunch break. So the pair stayed in touch, and while chatting, the idea for Avocaderia was born.

Using the insight from Google Trends and Instagram, they began to gauge reaction by posting images of avocado dishes and querying if people would be interested in such a type of restaurant. Not long after going onto social media, they attracted a decent following and news articles from around the world starting picking up on the yet-to-be-opened restaurant.

This interest led to Alessandro quitting his job to live off savings while opening the restaurant in New York. Realizing he now needed a chef on board, he brought in his cousin Alberto from Italy. Entirely self-funded, they were profitable within a year, having recouped the funds they’d borrowed from family, friends, and their personal investments.

With unprecedented interest, consistently busy tables, a loyal customer base, and people traveling from other parts of the world to visit them, they decided to expand and open up more restaurants. Needing capital to do this, they started looking for investors.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Avocaderia Still in Business?

Avocaderia has remained in business and went on to open up one more location in Chelsea, New York, despite a minor setback in 2019 when the Health Department temporarily closed one of their restaurants for several days due to a pipe leak. They also cater to large events (weddings, corporates), offer a loyalty program, and directly do home deliveries within specific neighborhoods.

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2 thoughts on “Avocaderia”

  1. Has anyone else noticed that Lori never invests into any of the entrepreneur’s that need investment in the food market, but yet she’ll seat there and devour the food and say how amazing it tastes. SMH

    • I’ve noticed the same. She said that while she likes avocado, that she’s not a “fan” of it, and, therefore she was “out”.

      I’m not a health food fanatic myself, but, I am a true 😘 lover 🥰 of 🥑 avocados. I typically buy a bag of 4-5 for myself at least 1-2 times per month at Costco or Sam’s Club. My husband isn’t much for avocados…so, I decided to indulge in them for myself.

      They go great sliced on your breakfast plate along with sliced Roma tomatoes and then dress up your plate with your other regular breakfast items!

      Avocado cubed and added on top of your salad of any kind is a fabulous extra tasty ingredient!

      And, for snack time… smash down your ripened avocado with the rounded side of a spoon or use a forks prongs to smash your avocado, and, add avocado oil based mayonnaise, plus add a twist of freshly squeezed lime juice, and, freshly grinded peppercorns, and, just a dash of seasoning salt like Mrs. Dash…mix your ingredients all together and you will have a delicious guacamole. If you like salsa, you can even add a little bit of salsa to your guac, and, give it that little added zing to make your tastebuds dance! Guacamole can be used with tortilla chips, or, really any kind of chip that you desire! Guacamole is also superb spread across toast, crackers, pita bread…whatever excites your inner being, and, makes your soul sing out loud! Add anything on top such as a thinly sliced meat or fish like salmon, alfalfa sprouts or bean sprouts add a marvelous touch, and, little extras like seasoned roasted sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, or any variety of fresh nuts can dress up your guacamole and give it that ‘WOW’ factor to make it desirable by almost everybody! 😉

      I have never looked for, or, heard of any recipe out there for an avocado based soup…whether hot or cold…but, I’m sure just like there’s a cold tomato or squash soup, that there must be one out there using avocados. If not… then create one! Get creative, and, try putting your own signature on it. Make several variations, and, share with your immediate family, your friends and neighbors. Get their true opinions, and, take those opinions to heart. Learn from their criticism, so you can perfect your product.

      Good Luck… aka… Bon Chance! ☘🍀🥑☘🍀

      Belinda Ky aka ‘Bel Ky’ in Avondale, AZ on Facebook. Drop me a note there or via Messenger!

      Anyway you slice it or dice it…avocados🥑 are a perfectly healthy “fruit” 🍇🍉🍊🍌🍎🥑🍅that can be utilized in so many ways.


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