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Alessandro Biggi


$300,000 for 10%


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From healthy nutrient value to rich texture, no other fruit can compare to what an avocado can do to your favorite dish. The fruit is known for its numerous health benefits; an avocado is rich in up to 20 vitamins, antioxidants, cardiac-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids that can reduce cholesterol levels. There is no other better way to devour into its richness other than tasting avocado-based dishes in the world’s first avocado bar at Avocaderia based in New York.

Avocaderia- An all-Avocado dietary eatery

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see an avocado? Is it the richness in flavor or the health benefits? If so, then you will not help but savor the avocado-based dishes specially made by the best dietary experts and served to accommodate all types of dietary restrictions and allergies. Whether you are a vegan or not, an all-avocado dietary eatery is all you need to suit your preference. On the menu, you will find:

  • All-organic salad & bowls dishes including include Tahini Gem, Impossi-bowl, Mayan bowl, and My Thai.
  • Avocado toasts including the Mediterranean toast, NY Salmon, AVO brunch, Burrata Dream, Tacos and Impossible Chorizo.
  • If you are a fan of smoothies, Avocaderia will serve you with different flavors including Mango Lime, Lychee dragon fruit, kale matcha and vanilla almond.

About the founders

As the name suggests, Avocaderia is an all-avocado restaurant based in the New York area, Brooklyn and Manhattan that specializes in avocado toast, avocado-based dishes and a few extra toppings as well. The founders, Francesco Brachetti, Alessandra Biggi, and Alberto Gramini, believe in accountability regarding where the ingredients are harvested and how they are prepared.

How Avocaderia was born

Avocaderia first hit the airwaves when Francesco, Alberto, and Allesandra cold-pitched at Shark Tank using two avocado toast types, a mango smoothie and vegan chocolate mousse. Fortunately, two sharks-Mark Cuban and Barbara Cocoran were impressed by their innovative ideas.

Since avocado-based dishes were becoming popular among vegan dieters, they thought the Sharks’ investments would help them open more restaurants in 20 more locations in the next five years. As a result, two of the Sharks invested a whopping $400,000 for a 10% stake in the company. Since then, the founders have reported that they have received up to 50 franchising requests since Avocaderia was born.

To celebrate the win, the founders were willing to offer customers 15% off Avocaderia’s swag using the code “SHARK.” That means if you want a t-shirt bearing the image of avocado fruit, they will be happy to embroider on it.

What Next for Avocaderia?

Avocaderia is estimated at $2 million, making it one of the most successful businesses in the New York eatery industry. It has currently opened three other locations in the New York City area, two in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan. With the food business continuing to scale heights, will Avocaderia stand the test of time? Guess you will never know unless you buy a round-trip ticket to New York to devour at the avocado-based toasts, dishes and smoothies.

Visit the Avocaderia website

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