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playful talking elephant medicine dispenser for kids


Tiffany Krumins


$50,000 for 15%


$50,000 for 55%


Barbara Corcoran



Company Background

What is Ava the Elephant?

Ava the Elephant is the patented talking/singing medicine dispenser designed to make medicine time fun and hassle-free for both parents and kids.

Who Owns Ava the Elephant?

Tiffany Krumins was a former nanny before becoming the inventor and founder of Ava the Elephant. Today, Tiffany runs the Product Genius podcast and is a business mentor and consultant for aspiring mompreneurs.

Founder’s Story: How Did They Start?

Tiffany Krumins thought up the idea for Ava the Elephant while working as a caregiver for a little boy. She found that while administering the boy’s medicine he would become fussy, which made the process unpleasant for both of them.

Tiffany thought that if she could distract him for just long enough, she could give him those few drops of medicine without the fuss. Her solution was a little singing toy elephant with a medicine dropper hidden in its snout.

With a clay prototype in her hands and a vision set in her mind, Tiffany turned to Shark Tank to help bring her idea to the market.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update


Did Ava the Elephant Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

In Season 1 Episode 1, Tiffany Krumins accepted a $50,000 investment from Barbara Corcoran. Through Tiffany’s tenacity and Barbara’s guidance, Ava the Elephant became a widely loved product and successful business, inspiring mompreneurs everywhere.

Is Ava the Elephant Still In Business?

At the height of its success, Ava the Elephant made its way into 10,000+ retail stores including giant retailers like CVS, Walgreens, BabiesRUs, Walmart and Amazon.

It was also produced in multiple languages and sold internationally in Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

In 2013, she launched her 2nd product, the Ava the Elephant Thermometer stickers – liquid crystal technology stickers that read your child’s temperature when placed on their forehead.

The product was featured on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform but only reached a quarter of its goal.

After seven years in business, Tiffany decided it was time to license Ava the Elephant to baby product brand, Baby Delight. A new and improved version of the product was sold by Baby Delight for a while, but was eventually discontinued in 2019.

Licensing the product gave Tiffany the opportunity to focus on other initiatives within her business.

Today, Ava the Elephant is no longer available for sale but Tiffany Krumins has taken her success as a product inventor and entrepreneur to new heights. She now spends her time as a motivational speaker and business mentor for other mompreneurs.

Tiffany’s latest ventures include her podcast, Product Genius and Mom Genius – an early stage incubator through which she offers consulting and courses in product development for inventors.

Revenue, Sales and Valuation

Ava the Elephant left the Shark Tank with a $90,909 valuation and since then, had sold over 100,000 units with over $1 million in sales!

Ava the Elephant Reviews

Reviews for Ava the Elephant are mostly positive with parents raving about how much their kids love it and how its the perfect distraction for kids during medicine time.

Parents especially loved the new and improved design by Baby Delight which sings and includes a larger, more ergonomic dropper.

Ava the Elephant Competitors

There are currently many baby medicine dispensers on the market, but still none quite like Ava the Elephant.

Although comparable in price to other medicine dispensers, the added costs of manufacturing the toy and sound box components, would have further limited their margins, making it difficult to compete with similar products.

Ava the Elephant also required special batteries for its sound box which in the long run, would have made this a more costly purchase for parents.

A few units of Ava the Elephant remain available for sale on Amazon, but with the product being discontinued by its manufacturer, competitors like Ezy Dose, Munchkins and FridaBaby, have taken over the kid’d medicine dispenser market.

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