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Ava the Elephant – Singing Medicine Dispenser – Update



playful talking elephant medicine dispenser for kids


Tiffany Krummins


$50,000 for 15%


$50,000 for 55%


Barbara Corcoran



Nothing scares a kid more than the idea of taking drugs. During these moments, some parents’ struggles are so frustrating that they would prefer the kid skips the oral dosage or suggest a shot from the doctor instead. Tiffany Krumins’ invention has made giving children medicine easy. After several struggles with kids she was watching, the former nanny landed an idea that worked out and decided to actualize it into a company. Designed with children in mind, Ava the Elephant’s sweet fate and catchy audio, medicine time is fun. The idea that first landed a $50,000 boost from Shark Barbara Corcoran, has now reached more than $500,000 in sales.

Ava The Elephants Founder Story

Tiffany Krumins, was once a nanny. In her line of duty, she came face-to-face with struggles associated with taking medication, especially in children. Whether autistic or not, no kid comfortably enjoys the practice. The idea popped up when, on one occasion, she encountered a child with Down syndrome. Knowing the struggle that would ensue if she forced the young boy to take his medicine, Tiffany decided to try a small invention. She took some fabric, sponges and a medical dropper, put them together and breathed life in the design by attaching an audio clip with a greeting message to make it talk. As the sweet boy’s nanny, Tiffany’s duty was to soothe him and make sure the young child took his drugs. To her surprise, the idea worked and the special boy cheered up to his dose of medicine.

With a workable idea, Tiffany faced several challenges. She lacked the expertise and knowledge in product management. Tiffany also had patenting and sales wars. Tiffany could not get legal rights to own her entrepreneurial idea; neither did she know how to push for it on stores’ shelves. It was through her partnership with Barbara Corcoran, that Ava the Elephant began to soar.

Ava the Elephant after Shark Tank

Tiffany’s Ava the Elephant was and still is the only talking medicine dispenser ever seen on Shark Tank. After getting an equity stake of $50,000 for 55%, the company’s sales dramatically shot up and a year later, the sales had reached $500.000. Currently, Ava is distributed in more than ten countries and approximately 10,000 stores. The company’s sales stand at around $1 million annually.

Ava has solved one of the significant struggles parents and caregivers go through. Thanks to Ava, taking drugs is now a pleasant surprise. Not only does Ava give the kids a positive reinforcement, but it also helps administer the dosage fast and efficiently on the first trial. The company that is still in business has received positive reviews with customers recommending it to potential clients and buying the medicine dispenser as a baby shower gift. From an idea that sprung from a special child’s wars, Ava the Elephant is now a familiar product in various stores in and out of the US.

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