Atlas Monroe: Vegan Fried Chicken

Pitchplant-based, vegan fried chicken
EntrepreneurDeborah Torres and Johnathan Torres
Asked For$500,000 for 10%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Atlas Monroe?

Atlas Monroe is the San Francisco Bay area based food company offering 100% vegan, all-natural, plant-based dishes including vegan ribs, vegan bacon, vegan stuffed turkey, and their signature vegan fried chicken in a proprietary blend of spices.

Who Owns Atlas Monroe?

Atlas Monroe was founded in 2017 by Deborah Torres who continues to maintain a central role in the company as Chief Executive Officer.

Founder’s Story

Before Deborah Torres was a CEO, she was a concerned daughter. Her father had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes; and in order to reverse the course of the disease, he would need to make immediate and lasting changes to his diet.

Inspired by the documentary “Simply Raw,” which involved individuals with diabetes consuming an exclusively raw vegan diet for thirty days, she began making raw vegan food for her father for each meal.

This pushed her to be creative with flavor combinations and textures and ultimately led to her current passion for plant-based foods.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Did Atlas Monroe Get a Deal on Shark Tank

In Season 11 Episode 2 of Shark Tank, sibling entrepreneurs, Deborah Torres and Johnathan Torres, entered the Shark Tank with their award winning plant-based, extra crispy vegan fried chicken while seeking $500,000 for 10% of their company – a $5 million valuation.

They left the Shark Tank empty-handed after rejecting a $1 million offer, and haven’t looked back since. The company has been consistently selling out of product.

Is Atlas Monroe Still in Business?

Atlas Monroe is still open for business and is currently set to become the largest manufacturer of vegan fried chicken in the world. Since appearing on Shark Tank, the company purchased a multi-million dollar manufacturing plant in San Diego, California, further boosting production and sales, and plans to open a second facility before the end of 2021.

Atlas Monroe Reviews

Reviews of Atlas Monroe’s plant-based, vegan chicken vary widely from raving to rancid. Backed by vegans and meatlovers nationwide, Atlas Monroe received a surge of interest following their appearance on Shark Tank.

Many who’ve tasted Atlas Monroe’s vegan chicken, claim it lives up to its reputation as the best vegan fried chicken out there.

However, not everyone is hooked on their secret sauce. Many negative reviews exist for the company with most related to issues with delivery times and shipments arriving in horrible conditions with some packages arriving completely damaged.

Its unclear who is at fault here, but between Atlas Monroe and USPS something smells fishy. Many customers have complained of delivery times of up to 6 months all while paying exorbitant shipping fees.

Where to Buy Atlas Monroe’s Vegan Fried Chicken

Atlas Monroe fans would undoubtedly rush grocery stores to purchase the line of full-flavored plant-based foods but it seems the company would rather not have to disclose the ingredients of their super secret, proprietary formula.

If you’re in the mood for Atlas Monroe’s vegan fried chicken and don’t want to risk running into shipment issues you can find Atlas Monroe’s chicken at the Kensho Social in San Jose, Blazing Burgers in Burbank, Pure Soul Plant-Based Eats in Sacramento, and Birdquesa in Dallas, Texas.

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9 thoughts on “Atlas Monroe: Vegan Fried Chicken”

  1. Just checked the web site out of stock all but the original chicken and special sauce. Did the other products exist?

    • I ordered the ribs, bacon, and smoked ground beef a few weeks ago.
      They had it in stock when I ordered and I guess ran out because it’s been over a week and it still has not shipped.
      I do believe it will be worth the wait and I know they are building factories right now, so things should get better soon.
      I’m willing to wait for them to get the kinks out in order to eat healthier with good flavor‼️

  2. Atlas Monroe is a scam. These people need to be arrested for stealing people’s money. Buyer beware this company is a scam.

    • I’ll second that. I was scammed, too. They took my money, emailed me saying it was coming until PayPal’s window for dispute (180 days) ran out, and never shipped a product. Run, don’t walk away from this company.

  3. The Torreses made the right decision by rejecting the million dollars offered by the sharks.The sharks wanted to take a big bite out of the company. They saw the huge potential. The Torreses were a little confused about their numbers, but they were not nieve about the company’s potential…. Remember Chef Big Shake, he left the tank dejected, without a deal for his shwimp burgers…. last time i checked, a couple of years ago, he was running a $30,000,000 company, with help from other investors. (He’s a multi millionaire). Atlas Monroe’s products appeals everyone not just vegans, and has the potential to rival Beyond Meats, which is on the Nasdaq stock exchange. But they’ll need the right partner to scale.

    • This company isn’t making a fraction of the Shark tanks $1M offer + 10% of the company. They are a shipping logistics nightmare and if they don’t get acquired or add a big a-round investor this company will fold.

  4. Not surprising. It was obvious that Atlas Monroe had a good product but lacked the skill and capital to scale. Based on the fact that they are consistently out of product, the sharks were spot on.


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