Pitchportable outdoor safe for keeping personal items safe while at the beach
EntrepreneurJohnathan Kinas, Rob Peck and Alvin Samtani
Asked For$75,000 for 12%
Deal $75,000 for 25%
SharkDaymond John
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is AquaVault?

Aquavault is a portable safe that attaches to fixed objects such as a beach chair or a stroller and secures people’s belongings at the beach, pool, waterpark, etc. – giving vacationers the peace of mind that their valuables are protected from theft while they go for a swim.

Aquavault is made from durable, high-impact plastic and is large enough to lock up wallets, cell phones, jewelry, and other valuables.

Who Owns AquaVault?

Jonathan Kinas, Avin Samtani, and Rob Peck are the founders of Aquavault. Prior to founding Aquavault, Kinas worked in finance, Peck was the owner/CEO of Blue Rise LLC, and Samtani was a Managing Principal for Venetian Capital Partners.

Today Samtani remains the Chief Operating Officer of Aquavault while Peck is the CEO.

Founder’s Story

The trio was inspired to start AquaVault while they were at a beach resort for a friend’s wedding. They had decided to take a swim, leaving their belongings under their towels.

When they came back shortly after, they discovered that their belongings had been stolen. After realizing there was no real solution to this common problem, they knew they had to take it upon themselves to find one.

Before the weekend was over, they had already developed their concept for AquaVault.

Combining their skills, they launched AquaVault in 2013, turning it into a $20 million business in less than three years.

What Happened to AquaVault After Shark Tank Update

Is AquaVault Still in Business?

Aquavault remains in business today and currently sells through its website – continuing to help millions keep their belongings safe. In addition to the Aquavault, they also offer a variety of other products, including waterproof phone cases, credit card size phone chargers, and FlexSafe – a waterproof, anti-theft bag that can be brought anywhere.

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