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Apply to Shark Tank – Casting Application Resource

Getting on Shark Tank is no easy task. Of the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs who apply to Shark Tank, only a few will be asked to audition, fewer will be called to pitch, and even fewer will make it to television. Read our list of resources to make navigating through the casting process a little easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get on Shark Tank With Just an Idea?

Yes, though the chance of getting a Shark to bite is very slim.

How Hard is it to Get on Shark Tank?

According to Shark Tank Casting Director, Mindy Zemrak (aka Mindy Casting), approximately 40,000 hopeful entrepreneurs and companies audition for Shark Tank each year and only 90 – 100 will make it to television.

Does Shark Tank Take a Percentage of Your Company?

No. Although Shark Tank once required a percentage of each company back in Season’s 1 and 2, the condition has since ended. Shark Tank companies are no longer required to give up a piece of their company.

What Makes a Great Pitch?

1. Get excited! Be passionate about your business and show your energy and enthusiasm.

2. Know your business – especially your numbers.

3. Authentically and transparently share your background and what makes you different and/or better.

If you can get these three components into your pitch and get your story out in 90 seconds or less, you’ve got the makings of a great pitch.

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