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Apollo Peak: Cat Wines



non-alcoholic pet-friendly wines


Brandon Zavala


$100,000 for 10%


$100,000 for 20%


Kevin O’Leary



Company Background

What is Apollo Peak?

Apollo Peak is a firm that makes a line of beverages for pets, including alcohol-free wine for cats. Look for their cats’ offerings to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience with your furry friends. Apollo is more like tea for your pet. The product’s ingredients include beet juice and catnip. It comes in a variety of flavors to suit every pet.

Founder’s Story

Apollo Peak was established in 2015 by Brandon Zavala. He was working at a pet food firm when he realized something was missing when patrolling the aisles of the store. Zavala wanted to create a pet beverage after noticing that there was only wet and hard food for pets.

Zavala made cat wine instead. Even though he did not create an alcoholic drink, he concocted a version of catnip with similar effects. He set out to create something that would portray cats as if they were sipping from a bottle, and, in addition, result in them rolling over as if they were inebriated. Zavala used his savings of $4,000 to start a new side business in 2015 by opening up a credit card with a $4,000 limit.

He tried different combinations of water, natural food coloring, and catnip extracts until he found the winning formula. Because he believed cats would like his new cat wine, he spent the next month going to pet stores to try to sell his product. His first sale was made as soon as he made the offer.

In 2016, Zavala went further and targeted more prominent pet retailers. Meowbox aims to produce 4,000 cat boxes per month. His apartment began to overflow with Pinot Meow shortly after that. He then found a storage unit that he could afford. After that, ABC’s “Shark Tank” producers started calling.

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