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natural skincare for teen and tween girls


Madison and Mallory Boyd


$55,000 for 20%


$60,000 for 33.3%


Daymond and Mark

Angels and Tomboys is the natural, vegan, paraben-free skincare line offering body washes, lotions, sprays, shampoos and conditioners for teen and tween girls.

The company was founded in 2014 by 12 year-old and 14 year-old Madison Star and Mallory Iyana with the help of their mother, in their hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

They had discovered there was nothing like this on the market for their age demographic and got right to work on building their brand.

Their handmade, vitamin-infused products come in a variety of fun and funky scents like Frozen Hot Chocolate, Watermelon Funk, Cotton Candied Apples, Lemonade Donuts, Cherry Star Glam and Happy Birthday Strawberry Cupcake.

Angels and Tomboys on Shark Tank

The Angels and Tomboys entered the Tank ready to captivate the Sharks with a full dance performance and song.

Their pitch strategy seemed to work well for the sisters as they managed to convince both Daymond John and Mark Cuban to make them an offer for one third of their company.

Life After Shark Tank

Since appearing on the show, Angels and Tomboys has continued to grow. With the success of their online store they’ve moved on to opening up their first brick and mortar store in Memphis, Tennessee.

Visit the Angels and Tomboys website

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