Angels and Tomboys

Pitchnatural skincare for teen and tween girls
EntrepreneurMadison Boyd and Mallory Boyd
Asked For$55,000 for 20%
Deal$60,000 for 33.3%
SharkDaymond John and Mark Cuban

Company Background

What is Angels and Tomboys?

Angels and Tomboys is a unique product that is tailor-made for tween and teenage girls. The company offers sprays, body lotions, and body washes.

Through their mantra, ‘all girls are created equally different’, the company is alive to the fact that there are generic girl products. Therefore, it caters distinctively for Angels and for Tomboys.

Who Owns Angels and Tomboys?

Mallory and Madison Boyd are the creators of Angels and Tomboys. After coming up with the idea, their mum, Viara Boyd, helped nurture the idea until it became a reality. The siblings still run the company alongside their mum.

Founder’s Story

The sisters truly explain that innovation is not age-specific. It can happen to anyone regardless of their age. When creating the company, the Boyd sisters were barely teenagers. Mallory was 10, and Madison was 12 years old.

The siblings, being girls, knew truly how different girls can be. The sibling’s personality proves their slogan that girls are different. While Madison enjoys acting, Mallory enjoys doing field activities and basketball. The sisters realized that no product catered explicitly for their unique needs.

The Boyd sisters ran the idea by their mother, who supported the idea. The mother is credited with coming up with the name ‘Angels and Tomboys’. As the two were still minors (children), having their mother by their side helped them make sound legal and business decisions.

Being girls and teenagers, the duo was better suited to finding true solutions to what tweens and teenagers wanted. After launching the product, Angels and Tomboys was quickly able to make sales worth $59000. This was despite only selling sprays and lotions and using social media and referrals as the only modes of popularizing Angels and Tomboys.

Angels and Tomboys Shark Tank Update

Did Angels and Tomboys Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 4, Madison Boyd and Mallory Boyd accepted an offer of $60,000 for 33.3%, from Daymond John and Mark Cuban.

Is Still in Business?

Angels and Tomboys is still in business. Initially, the company was just an eCommerce venture. However, in 2018, they also started a physical shop. True to their Angels and Tomboys calling, the shop is separated into two distinct themes.

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