Alpha M Consulting


PitchMen’s styling, grooming and fitness coaching and consulting services.
EntrepreneurAaron Marino
Asked For$50,000 for 10%

Company Background

What is Alpha M Consulting?

Alpha M consulting is a image consulting company for men located in firm based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

It began in 2006 and has a six DVD product and a YouTube channel that helps men transform from average to the alpha male.

It demonstrates the desirable style, grooming and appearance of the alpha male. Their six DVD series sells at $100 while their popular YouTube channel has new content daily.

Who Owns Alpha M Consulting?

Alpha M consulting was developed by Aaron Marino, who believes he was born to help men pick up their underwear and discuss man-scaping.

Since he was a small boy, his mother noticed his desire for fashion, and he always desired to look his best as well as help his friends.

Over the past 15 years, he has launched other brands which are doing well in the market including: Pete & Pedro, Tiege Hanley, MENfluential Media, and ENEMY.

Currently, the entrepreneur is still doing what he does best by helping men achieve their full potential.

Founder’s Story

His brand drew inspiration from a moment in 2006, when he helped his friend score a date with a girl way out of his league.

He realized then that there was need for men to have a platform where they could seek advice on their appearance and image.

Additionally, most men wanted to become more attractive but didn’t know how to achieve the look. He started out with his consultancy by helping people develop a positive image both socially and professionally.

At the same time he was posting YouTube videos online which were receiving a positive response. The YouTube channel has over 6 million subscribers and is still growing.

What Happened to Alpha M After Shark Tank Update

Is Alpha M Still in Business?

Alpha M, a self-help guide to assist men in dressing for success by founder Aaron Marino is still in business. Andy runs his website as a blog full of advice on all aspects of life for the urban male: fitness, style, grooming, and success in business. In conjunction with the written word, he promotes his style tips on a successful YouTube channel and other social media platforms. He also promotes the services and products of various businesses he’s either started or invested money in. These businesses range from hygiene products to a hair salon in his hometown. You’d imagine Andy generates a lot of income just from advertising on his YouTube channel alone.

In the era of social media and mainstream media influencers, Andy would face competition from literally thousands of others in this market alone. But, instead, he seems to have carved out a nice niche for himself.

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