Alice’s Table: Floral Arrangements

Pitchflower-arrangement franchise business
EntrepreneurAlice Rossiter Lewis
Asked For$250,000 for 6.25%
Deal$250,000 for 10% + optional 10% later
SharkMark Cuban and Sarah Blakely

Company Background

What is Alice’s Table?

Alice’s Table is a lifestyle business that offers streaming events to teach creative entertaining techniques, like flower arranging and building gourmet charcuterie boards. The price of each class includes the materials to make a project. These events can be viewed solo or can be built into parties, like bachelorette parties or bridal showers.

Who Founded Alice’s Table?

Owner and CEO Alice (Rossiter) Lewis is a self-proclaimed lover of art, business, and creativity in all forms. Her previous background includes being an advisor to Suzanne Lovell, Inc., an architectural interior design firm. Later, she became involved in client relations, marketing, and media buying for InCollect, an online interior design marketplace. This experience led her to become Vice President of InCollect. She went on to become Operations Manager for Cuseum, a company that creates mobile applications for museums, attractions, and nonprofits.

Founder’s Story

Alice Lewis began dreaming about Alice’s Table when she was in college. She looked at Pinterest boards and thought about the concept of delivering lifestyle to your door. She used her floral design skills to become a floral apprentice and began designing beautiful arrangements.

Combining her experiences in floral design and business, she began Alice’s Table in 2015. In the beginning, she trained hostesses to go into business for themselves booking “paint and sip”-style parties where they would teach how to make a floral design project and pivoted in 2020 to create highly curated streaming experiences, including all the project materials needed. Her business focuses on the intersection between creativity, shopping. and entertainment.

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