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Alice’s Table Update



flower-arrangement franchise business


Alice Rossiter Lewis


$250,000 for 6.25%


$250,000 for 10% + optional 10% later


Mark Cuban and Sarah Blakely



Helping other people with the knowledge and tools to set up their own businesses, isn’t everyone’s motive for starting a business. However, Alice Lewis had the idea in her. She started an online community venture to help women discover how to about launch their own flower arrangement business. With a floral idea in mind through the platform, women can host their workshops, floral events and a chance to grow their client base. Alice also equips ‘event executives’ with tools of the flower business, including clippers, buckets and watering cans.

Alice trains hostesses at a fee of $699 and gives them a lifetime proprietary event management opportunity plus materials needed for 20 persons in an event. For instance, an event executive earns approximately 70%. Though Alice’s Table Platform manages all bills, the hostesses are offered opportunities to host their events anywhere, including bars and retail stores.

In 2015, Alice started Alice’s Table and the Alice’s Table Event Exec program which recognizes the need for more flexible and creative jobs for women that genuinely met their needs and lifestyles. She initially spent her first eight months running her flower arranging classes to make sure there was a demand for such lasses.

Alice’s Table hosts flower arranging workshops that bring together women to learn new skills and live a social and creative lifestyle. It empowers women to launch their workshop businesses and supports them with an innovative online platform and active community. Alice’s Table was a member of the 2017 Techstars Boston class. In Season 9 Episode 17, Alice was featured on Shark Tank, where she landed investment from Mark Cuban and Sara Blakely.

Alice’s Table, earns its revenue from the back end support provided to the events executives’ training, payment processing and marketing assistance. The flower arrangement company also gets money through selling public events tickets sold on its website. Alice’s Table is funded by Mark Cuban, Right Side Capital Management, Sara Blakely and Techstars.

Alice Table After shark Tank

After experiencing the Shark Tank effect, the founder announced the company’s newest collection (the Summer 2018 Nantucket Collection) an inspiration of Massachusetts Island of Nantucket. The island was also where she goes for her summer holidays and even the place where she got married. The company is still in business and had amassed $1.56 million in the evaluation as at 1st August 2018 and still offers its hostesses to be opportunities to excel in their floral ventures.

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