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AfreSHEET Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

PitchDisposable layered bed sheets
Entrepreneur Maxwell Cohen
Asked For$100,000 for 20%

Company Background

What is AfreSHEET?

AfreSHeet is a waterproof, disposable sheet company designed with conservation in mind. The sheets are packaged in seven layers. Once placed on the bed, the consumer then can discard a soiled sheet when the time comes, leaving a new, clean sheet waiting and ready to be used. This conserves water by not having to wash sheets, reduces harsh cleaning chemicals being exposed to the environment, and saves on the time it takes to actually change a bedsheet.

Who Owns AfreSHEET?

AfreSHeet is the brainchild of Maxwell Cohen, which he developed through his experiences as a student in college. As an Environmental Water Resource Economics major, he wanted to use this expertise to drive his idea of disposable bedsheets. Today, Maxwell runs Peel Away Labs, which specializes in several types of disposable sheets in several different sizes.

Founder’s Story

Maxwell Cohen started AfreSHeet after noticing college students in his dorm that seemed to neglect washing their bedsheets. He wanted the sheets to be comfortable, cost efficient, and, above all, environmentally friendly. He first began experimenting with hospital bedsheets as he knew they were disposable.

Shortly thereafter, he developed a blend of fabric that was comfortable and cost efficient enough to be disposable. Since the inception of AfreSHeet, Maxwell has gone on to acquire several investors, expand the company and form Peel Away Labs, a company that specializes in waterproof, disposable sheets for all sizes of beds from cribs to king size. His line of sheets is also geared toward summer camps with his Camp a Peel line.

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  1. He is still in business. He just rebranded the company and sells to counties that a limited on water to clean linens. So he is successful in his own little market. He sells on Amazon now and BB&B.


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