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An Introduction to Shark Tank Tales

Shark Tank Tales was started as a hobby born out of a fascination and curiosity for the companies featured on Shark Tank.

A few other blogs existed at the time but none went into detail about the entrepreneurs, how they built their companies, the hardships they faced along the way, and how they are doing today.

Our Audience

Since starting, our audience has grown from a few hundred visitors a month, to hundreds to thousands of organic visitors each day.

Most of our visitors are people interested in keeping up to date with the progress of their favorite (and not so favorite) entrepreneurs and companies.

A growing number of our visitors consists of people who’ve found inspiration in the success stories and lessons from the less successful ones.

Advertisement Opportunities

We offer display ad slots, available for booking on a monthly basis with costs varying depending on the post. Drop us an email using the contact form below to get our rates and sizes. If you have your own ideas for advertising and promotions we’d love to hear those too!

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