Friday September 24, 2021

180 CUP: 2 in 1 Shot Cup

Pitch2-in-1 plastic cup and shot glass
EntrepreneurSolomon Fallas
Asked For$300,000 for 15%
Deal$300,000 for 25%
SharkDaymond John
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

What is 180 CUP?

180 Cup was developed by Solomon Fallas as the answer to having a shot and beer in one cup, but not simultaneously. Mr. Falls redesigned the classic red plastic cup at parties and other social events with a built-in shot glass compartment within the bottom of the cup. After finishing your beer, you flip it over and you have a compartment for a shot.

Founder’s Story

Solomon Fallas, of New York, got the idea for the product at college fraternity parties. He saw how parties ran out of shot glasses and plastic cups.

Instead of waiting for a shot glass, Solomon created a 2-in-1 cup that holds a 16oz beer and a shot glass. His goal was to make the 180 Cup the new red cup, instead of Solo’s red plastic cup.

Fallas thought the 180 Cup would be great for barbecues, picnics and sporting events. He also saw it for beer pong, condiments, snacks, tailgates and birthday parties.

Fallas began selling in social media, small businesses, and college student ambassadors, who would get a part of the revenue from the store they sold to. This resulted in $385,000 in sales in six months.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is 180 CUP Still in Business?

Beer pong tried and tested, these disposable plastic cups that double as condiment holders or shot glasses managed to exceed $5 million in sales in its heyday.

Thirsty customers and college students could find them on Amazon in packs of 50 or stocked in Walmart 15,000+ stores across the US.

However, after a fallout with one of the prominent investors, he and founder Solomon Fallas parted ways, and the company shut down production and went out of business around 2016.

Solomon has since gone on to work in sales positions in the fashion industry. Any websites linked to the product are dormant, and the social media accounts haven’t seen action since late 2016.

Regardless of the company’s success, SoloCup would have always provided competition, being the originator of the red party cup concept. While the 180-Cup was novel in design and concept, its appeal would essentially be towards a college student market.

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  1. Listened to Daymond? It was a plastic cup that he paid $300K for and not surprisingly is out of business.

  2. They would have had better margins if they had turned the idea into a novelty cup instead of a cheap cup for college parties. Then they could have opened another income stream in tourism by selling it in gift shops. They could have also sold it in bulk to hotel (because of minibar), sports, games (sauce compartments), movie theater chains (sauce compartment).


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